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      Transformations at Jupiter Counseling Treatment


          Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment


Areas of Focus

Dual Diagnosis is substance abuse and mental health disorder. Not everyone suffers with a dual diagnosis. Unless, your life is effective by occupational or social difficulties the mood disorder and substance abuse is probably not diagnosed.

Since treatment is available do you need to wait until it becomes a problem. Each person knows what is needed..."Is this the life you want"? "Or do you want to change your life and create a life you do want". It starts with you thinking, which dictates your feelings, which dictate your behavior and creates what you receive in life. It starts with you. If you want something different then do something different.

However, if you do suffer with substance abuse and any mood disorder, education is important to addressing and dealing with these issues in your life. These issues do not just get better on their own. Action is needed.